Lily Banks

Sarina Bialek

Kristina Bratz

Emily Campbell

Molly Campbell

Lila Carey

Mia Carey

Kayleigh Fitzpatrick

Ava Garcia

Elena Gasbarro

Maya Giampaolo

Sienna Giampaolo

Zack Haywood

Sofia Hernandez

Olivia Jansen

Grace Kennedy

Julia Kieley

Lila Kieley

Jonathan Kish

Michael Kupson

Abby Laucella

Juliette Livolsi

Indie Maida

Marissa Manzo

Kate McPadden

Addie Mitchell

Hannah Moccaie

Ryan Morrill

McBen Mweze

Dimitri Mysirlidis

Drew Osso

Justin Osso

Nick Quiroga

Kennedy Renz

Murphy Riddle

Jack Schafler

Ellie Schiappa

Ben Souza

 Musical Theatre Workshop Jr.  presents...   

Day by Day

Directed by Gina Scarpa


Day by Day:  Maya Giampaolo


Bless the Lord:  Kate McPadden

We Beseech Thee: Dimitri Mysirlidis

Some Things Never Change:  Julia Kieley, Ryan Morrill, 

Sarina Bialek, Dimitri Mysirlidis.

Get This Right:  Ben Souza, Kristina Bratz.

Show Yourself:  Grace Kennedy

Beautiful:  Marissa Manzo, Kate McPadden.


Vacation:   Mia Carey


Our Lips Are Sealed: Lily Banks, Sarina Bialek,

Abby Laucella, Indie Maida, Marissa Manzo.

I've Got A Golden Ticket/Queen of Pop: Lila Carey, Addie Mitchell, McBen Mweze.

It Must Be Believed To Be Seen: Ben Souza


 The View From Here:  Zack Haywood, Justin Osso.


Prologue/Little Shop of Horrors:  Kristina Bratz, 

Kayleigh Fitzpatrick, Maya Giampaolo, Jack Schafler.   

Skid Row: Jonathan Kish, Hannah Morccaie.

    (w Kristina Bratz, Kayleigh Fitzpatrick, Maya Giampaolo) 


Suddenly Seymour: Zack Haywood, Olivia Jansen

Becoming A Man:  Nick Quiroga. 

(w/ Michael Kupson, Elena Gasbarro, Julia Kieley, Drew Osso)


Brand New You: Olivia Jansen, Lila Kieley, Abby Laucella.

A Little More Homework: Dimitri Mysirlidis, Sarina Bialek 

(w/ Marissa Manzo, Hannah Moccaie, Emily Campbell, Ava Garcia, Sienna Giampaolo, Michael Kupson, Nick Quiroga, Kenney Renz) 

Say My Name: Jack Schafler, Lila Kieley.

(w/ Marissa Manzo, Drew Osso)


That Beautiful Sound:  Jack Schafler, Mia Carey.

Jump the Line: Murphy Riddle 

(w/ Kayleigh Fitzpatrick, Sienna Giampaolo, Jonathan Kish) 

Disappear:  Indie Maida, Ben Souza.

 (w/ Maya Giampaolo, Zack Haywood, Grace Kennedy)


For Forever:  Zack Haywood, Jonathan Kish, Ryan Morrill, Dimitri Mysirlidis, Jack Schafler, Ben Souza.

You Will Be Found: Zack Haywood, Grace Kennedy, Jonathan Kish, Indie Maida, Kate McPadden, McBen Mweze, Jack Schafler.